Sex in Space: Has It Happened?

Sex in Space: Has It Happened?

Upon a recent view of the History Channels’ “The Universe,” there was a segment in the program called “Sex in Space.” They discussed the possibilities and mechanics of sex in space and rather it may have already happened.

Years ago NASA made an exception against it’s own rules when they sent a married couple into space as to not interrupt the current training of the mission at hand. Rather these two had sex on the mission is still unknown.

It could have happened, seeing as to how NASA has no policy against sex in space. But there are a lot of factors that speculates that sex in a zero gravity environment could be problematic.

One of these being that it is that the “docking” or trying to come close together to each other is significantly harder to do than on Earth because in a zero gravity environment, your body loses mass and volume. Another issue is high energy radiation exposure causing sterility and decreased sex drive. Experts theorize that if sex in space was attempted, one person would have to be strapped down, proving that even sex in space is kinky, but the reason for this is because on the ground when you push against something, it pushes it’s mass against you, but in space when you push against something, it pushes away from you so that the slightest nudge from your partner, although intended to do the opposite could send you into another direction completely.

Of course there are benefits to sex in space such as breasts naturally getting larger, there’s no need for a bra because there is no gravitational pull, and while many astronauts report decreased sex drive, some astronauts experience a blood shift that, when in space, actually makes it easier for some men to get erections. Having interplanetary intercourse is something that many astronomers admit that they would do. Anybody that would go into space and have a sexual attraction to somebody, eventually as the sexual tension mounts, probably will have sex. Experts have even said that sending “same sex” groups doesn’t guarantee sex won’t happen, or that sending married couples won’t prevent “swinging” or partner swapping.

Rather it’s happened or not, is sex in space a good idea? Would you have sex in space if given the chance? I think a lot of people would pass to go into space, but for those who would, should they have sex in space? While it seems to be a highly erotic experience to be 200 miles above the earth drinking, partying, and having sex while orbiting around the blue planet, conception in space has said to not be a good idea as a child born in space could have problems growing, breathing, and functioning on earth.

Sex in space is such a huge subject that “The Universe” did a whole 44 minute documentary on it. It’s such a huge deal because people don’t often think about this kind of activity, and rather they would do it or not. To some it seems terrifying to think about, and to some it seems like the best experience ever.

But rather we can do it or not, it may be a long way in the future before it’s fully perfected, and with more humans going into space, so should sex, and if that happens, humans will have mated virtually everywhere they possibly can.


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